• Only Training Program in the market today, that provides complete insight into all the areas involved in IoT development.
  • Training is provided by professional Developers and Not Trainers.
  • Use Cases taken up during training are real time projects.
  • Proven curriculum that is already adopted into their regular curriculum by Bharathiar University and Vivekananda University.

  • Working with IO & File based DB (12 Hrs)

    * Working with IO and File based Db for efficient and isolated data handling
    * Understanding the file IO with VB.NET / C#.NET / Java
    * Working with CSV files
    * Working with file based data bases using SQLite / Mongo / Document DB

    Working with Enterprises database Layer (12 Hrs)

    * Working with Enterprise database Layer
    * Understanding and using RDBMS data
    * Working with Microsoft SQL Server
    * Working with connected data and disconnected data

    Using Communication Devices (8 Hrs)

    * Building and Using Communication Devices to data transfer from IOT Devices
    * Understanding the Communication Principles to Transfer the data from IOT Devices
    * Remote Communication to cloud/external application Using WIFI to Transfer the data from IOT Sensor

    Other courses


    Industry Based Project Development

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